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The existing urban plan, known as the “woodpecker” (strakapoud), is the single most important tool for the city to make decisions about its territory. This 20-year-old plan is inflexible and outdated, thin and not environmentally friendly. It no longer reflects the current needs of the city’s development, private and especially the public ones.

Almost every construction project in Prague needs change. In the previous electoral terms, the amendments to the urban plan became the focus of the Office of the Urban Planning Department.

Petr Hlaváček’s team, in cooperation with Petr Zeman and Tomáš Murňák, has made revolutionary progress in this field and has made the process of amending the urban plan many times faster and more transparent. At the same time, the decision making is now much more informed and transparent, and important changes are prioritised and inventoried on a regular basis so that there are no “forgotten” changes left orunnecessary changes being addressed; unfortunately, no one has done that in thelast 20 years.

All documentation is available in Czech only.

All videos are in the original Czech version.

Prague Transformed: Amendments to the Urban Plan (12 May 2020)


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Source: Ing. arch. Filip Foglar

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A central city document with 750 running amendments we are actively managing, accelerating and streamlining.