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The reconstruction of Wenceslas Square has been dragging on for a long time. The CMA studio won the urban planning competition in 2005, but the commencement of the construction inspring 2020 was thanks to Petr Hlaváček.

The second phase will return tram lines to the upper part of Wenceslas Square.

Construction is currently under way on the lower part of the square and will end at Jindřišská street. In addition to the new surfaces, new trees will be planted; so far, 13 European lindens from Holland have been planted. Wenceslas Square will continue to get a total of 48 new trees during the next phases.

All videos are in the original Czech version.

Prague Transformed: Tram Lines and Wenceslas Square (21 October2019)


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Source: IPR Praha (implemented by Cígler Marani architects)


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Václav Vorlíček

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We are coordinating and moving forward with the revitalisation of the square together with Adam Scheinherr.