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The square and the adjacent buildings near the Hůrka metro station will be modified on the basis of a study carried out by the city. Sluneční Square will be completed and dominated by an elementary art school and several urban apartment buildings. The project also includes construction by a private investor. Emphasis is placed on permeability through the area and quality public spaces.

Petr Hlaváček’s team, IPR Praha and the municipal district jointly commissioned a study which is to coordinate all of the aforementioned plans.

The study is currently being presented to the public and has taken into account public participation so that it can be modified to meet the requirements of local residents. The next step will be to commission an architectural competition for the design of the elementary art school.

You can find the Architectural/Urban Study on Sluneční Square and Seydlerova Pedestrian Promenade at this link.

All documentation is available in Czech only.

Sluneční Square: Urban Planning Study (IPR Praha, 8 March 2021)


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We are coordinating and helping to manage this project together with IPR Praha and the municipal district.

Source: Study on Sluneční Squareand Seydlerova Pedestrian Promenade (commissioned by: IPR Praha, implemented by: ARCHUM architekti)