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The Štvanice Island has long been used for relaxation, but its appearance deserves renovation. Therefore, the city is preparing a project based on the design of Radek and Lada Kolařík.

Petr Hlaváček’s team has commissioned Kolařík to produce a follow-up work that should elaborate on his winning design. The idea is to create a master plan of individual projects on the island to be implemented according to the level of negotiations and the city’s financial capacity.

Our colleague Adam Scheinherr has obtained a final building permit for the “HolKa” footbridge. Construction will start this summer, and pedestrians will get the chance to cross the bridge at the end of next year.


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Source: Kolařík studio at the Faculty of Architecture of the CzechTechnical University
Note: The photos show student projects; the RKAWstudio of Radek and Lada Kolařík developed the project for Prague in 2013.


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Václav Vorlíček

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We are coordinating, managing and moving this project forward together with IPR Praha and the municipal district.