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One of the basic concepts of thecurrent city administration is that Prague should not expand into the fieldsbut should instead use the undeveloped areas within the city. Although the cityhas been following this concept for several years now, it has had virtually noeffect on the events in the Central Bohemian Region, and so just beyond thecity border, there is uncoordinated growth of villages, often without basicamenities. Locals then drive to Prague for work and put a strain on Prague’spublic amenities. However, the cooperation with the new administration of theCentral Bohemian Region creates new opportunities to coordinate developmentprojects, whether in the area of traffic, residential development, or thelandscape. The head of the office, Filip Foglar, has been dealing with thistopic on an academic level for a long time and has been continuously working onthis issue with IPR. Now it is possible to translate the results of the jointwork into political reality. We are continually updating and presenting ourresearch and materials on many occasions and at many conferences.

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Source: 2016Diploma project, Filip Foglar, Faculty of Architecture, Czech TechnicalUniversity; IPR Praha 2017–2021, active description of wider relations

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This is long-term research conducted together with IPR, in which we link urban and strategic planning and actively cooperate with the Central Bohemian Region.