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The new urban plan is a key document for the development of Prague. In 2012, the city administration of that time commissioned a new urban plan named the “Metropolitan Plan”. It is based on new principles allowing the city to develop more dynamically and it also places greater emphasis on preserving Prague’s traditional values and on significantly higher protection of the stabilised area and nature than the existing 1999 urban plan.

Petr Hlaváček’s team took over the work on the Metropolitan Plan in the phase following the joint negotiations(2018), and our main objective is to adjust the draft for its public hearing. At this stage, major modifications to the draft Metropolitan Plan are being made in accordance with the requirements of the state administration, municipal districts and the public. The main changes include greater protection of public amenities and parks, clarification of the sacrosanct nature of green areas, and revision of height regulations and public spaces.

For more information, please visit the Metropolitan Plan website.

All documentation is available in Czech only.

All videos are in the original Czech version.

Metropolitan Plan: News and Comments (18 May 2021)

Metropolitan Plan: PublicLecture and Discussion, CAMP (27 June 2018)


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