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The construction of the new metro line D is the largest investment of the city of Prague and one of the largest investments in the entire Czech Republic. Since 2019, a geological survey has been under way, to be directly followed by the construction itself. The first phase of the metro line D will connect Pankrác, Olbrachtova, Krč Station, Krč Hospital and Nové Dvory. This will be directly followed by the second phase connection with Písnice. At the same time, a construction phase connection with the city centre on Bratří Synků Square and Peace Square is being prepared.

Huge thanks to the entire team of the deputy mayor Adam Scheinherr, to whom we are providing maximum cooperation and who is leading the entire project. Our main task is to prepare the urban plan (Z 2440 amendment), which we have coordinated according to all comments and accelerated and finalised (approval and issuance of the amendment at the Municipal Council in May 2021) and to manage and provide cooperation in reaching an agreement with local landowners at the key metro stations, such as Libuš, Písnice and Krč Station.

For more information about the metro line, please visit the Prague Public Transit Company’s website.

All videos are in the original Czech version.

Prague Transformed: Metro Line D (14 January 2020)


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We are moving forward with this long-term city project together with the deputy mayor Adam Scheinherr.