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The Prague ring road has always been one of the main election topics, but thanks to the work of Petr Hlaváček and Adam Scheinherr, the approach to this project has changed completely. The above-surface version, as presented in previous years, would become another scar on the face of Prague, further dividing the surrounding neighbourhoods. We assembled a team led by the former mayor, the architect Jan Kasl, who is redesigning the project so that the surroundings of this crucial road may become an urban area that offers quality and connectivity. Areas previously intended for roads and intersection ramps will serve a new purpose ofwell-rounded urban development.

For more information, you canvisit the SATRA website or the Prague ring road information page. All visualisations can be downloaded HERE.

The entire urban and trafficplanning study can be viewed and downloaded HERE.

All documentation is available in Czech only.

All videos are in the original Czech version.

Prague Transformed: Prague Ring Road (12 September 2019)


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Source: The urban and traffic planning study: the Prague Ring Road andLibeň Junction (commissioned by the Capital City, Prague, implemented by: SATRA– MMD – Prague Ring Road, LG 8313 LS and SG 0081 PTB)


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Václav Vorlíček

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We are moving forward with this long-term city project together with the deputy mayor Adam Scheinherr.