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Once it was closed to cars, the area in front of the Prague City Hall quickly became a popular place for Prague residents. The work of the current coalition has pushed the surface treatment on Mariánské Square and the adjacent Platnéřská and Kaprova streets into the final stages of preparation. Since there is criticism of the limited amount of green spaces, it is important to note that the square is an extremely valuable archaeological site. Therefore, greenery had to give way to the protection of our cultural heritage.

On the basis of the current negotiations, we have decided to keep the two existing trees on the square and plant three additional ones. We have selected an investor and look forward to implementing the project.

You may find the conceptual studyat this link.

All documentation is available in Czech only.


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Source: Mariánské Square Conceptual Study (commissioned by: IPRPraha, implemented by: Xtopix architekti)


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Václav Vorlíček

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We are coordinating and moving forward with the revitalisation of the square together with Adam Scheinherr.