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The connection to the metro and tram in the direction of Modřany will transform the D metro station at Libuš into an important location. The whole process revolves around a key document – the urban planning study by the Department of Territorial Development of the Prague City Hall, which has been prepared in great detail as a regulatory plan. The study has recently been approved and recorded and shows the potential for the location’s development while also serving as a baseline for the new amendment to the urban plan. Our team provided maximum cooperation in its processing and completion. Many thanks to the “managers” of this area – the commissioning team of the architect Jan Cach, as well as the implementation team of UNIT architekti.

You may download the entire urbanplanning study HERE.

All documentation is available in Czech only.


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We are coordinating and helping to develop this site together with the deputy mayor Adam Scheinherr.

Source: Urban planning study ofthe housing estate and surroundings of the future station at Libuš on the Dmetro (commissioned by: Department of Territorial Development, implementedby: UNIT architekti, s.r.o.)