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The reconstruction of the Vršovice – Hostivař section straightens the railway route and thus makes space for a long strip of land going through the industrial zone of Vršovice and Hostivař, which the city intends to use for the construction of a new pedestrian and cycling lane called the Railway Promenade. This will create alinear public space with a park and cycling lane with minimal elevation, which will make the area more attractive and offer many opportunities for outdoor activities. The city intends to work within the former railway track but also connect the line to the existing urban structures through a series of interconnections and other smaller parks.

The lead on this project is the architect Tomáš Cach, who receives continuous assistance from us and the municipal district. A major aspect of the project is to preserve the genius loci by keeping the original technical elements of the railway and several of the buildings and equipment.


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Source: Ing. arch. Tomáš Cach


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A joint project with the deputy mayor Adam Scheinherr’s team.